Intro stuff !

Hi ! I'm Luciel. I'm 18, and I started coding with this very site back in summer 2023. I love black cats and that's why the mascot of this site is a cat ! (his name is Mr Midnight.)

I started by using sadgrl's layout builder, but now I've decided to redo all the pages by myself !

made with neocities button

Cupcakes' pretty cool page !

Important :

This site is best viewed on a computer. I am currently working on adapting the site to mobile devices :)

flan dog gifflan dog gif

Hi !

Welcome to my site ! I'm very happy to show you this new version.

I like a ton of stuff, so every page of this website has a different theme :) This was my very first project and I'm happy to keep updating it.


  • Changed the whole Home page !
  • Changed the whole About Me page !
  • Changed the whole Credits page !

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